Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ravings of a lying lunatic

Now, go back to a previous posting here, and a certain email posted on a Conservapedia user page in the fall of 2010, and one line stands out among everything else, because it clearly shows the "integrity" of liberals in general, and certain individuals in particular:
"I will lie, revise history, cheat, steal and censor to further our goals. What are you going to do about it? I will stop at no end, but you have to operate within the fictional bounds of your morality."
In my previous postings I talked about two different incidents involving several different people, and, besides attacking me, they had one thing in common. They wanted me to "fess up" to a lie which they seemed to think I created. In one, a "suicide" was created out of thin air; the other involved the manipulation of an email account and non-existent death threats. Both were found out to be frauds. Are you interested, reader?

But there's more to it than that, and it concerns the "freedom" that some people think they have over others. From the start in late-2007, Conservapedia has been under assault by individuals who decided on their own that since they couldn't control what wasn't theirs, they would destroy it. They resorted to major and minor vandalism; they tried forcing an ideology incompatible with the site; they picked fights; launched DDoS attacks, and having failed at that they even resorted to extortion threats, harassment, and cyber-terrorism. That is the "beauty" of liberalism at work; remember, liberals preach "tolerance" long as you agree with them.

Now, here's a little link for all of you to read. It's called "Conservaleaks", apparently after the WikiLeaks site. Go ahead and read the many files in it. There are personal records of private communication, fun banter, some regular chit-chat, and many discussions of the ways and means of protecting Conservapedia from the thugs that try to damage it. Unfortunately, it was a thug who broke into the Google group account in which it was based and posted it out in the open, and this thug did it by following the below statement, which was probably his to begin with:
"I will lie, revise history, cheat, steal and censor to further our goals. What are you going to do about it?"
This individual who did the lying in order to do the stealing calls himself PsyGremlin; in another blog site he calls himself CPmonitor; it was on his site there that he was forced to remove stolen video of my son. All you have to do, reader, is to look up what he's really like by reading his blog; instead of claiming we cannot take criticism, all you can see are the rantings and ravings of of a paranoid who's blindly-obsessive with Conservapedia, as if he has no other life at all outside of his delusions. Instead of "digging the dirt on the crazies out there" as his blog proudly proclaims, he has himself become the crazy in the dirt.

So he has to fire off an email to me, calling me "classy" for ordering WordPress to remove my son's video from his blog, and in another he thinks he's never lied at all, quote:
"what actual damage did Jessica cause CP, besides highlight what a dick TK was? I'd like to see a list."
Of course, he leaves out the damage he caused when "ConservaLeaks" was created, due to his own lying and deceit.
"Ever consider manning up and actually asking me to remove or tone down something you didn't like? or does that offend your persecution complex? Then again, given that Brian isn't even man enough to open the comments section on his blog, there really isn't any more to say."
This is part of his email to me - masquerading as a possibly-fictional "John Lewis" - that just doesn't deserve much of a response. What I will say is two things, and I'm sure Mr. Psy-co is reading this. The first has to do with criticism. Honest, constructive criticsm has more to do with building up, but the evidence from his blog and the so-called "rational" website he trolls in have more to do with unjustified and unwarranted attacks than anything else. He has no intention of anything remotely-resembling criticism. As for the attacks, he has absolutely no excuse.

The second part has what he wanted me to do, which is to "be man enough" and open up my comments section in my blog so he can "criticize" me his way.

Here's what I have to say, and you can call it an honest, constructive criticism of Mr. Psy-co: I don't debate trash. I toss it in the dumpster.

I do hope that's clear enough for a little man like him to understand.

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