Monday, February 7, 2011

Coward with a capital "C"

For the past year or so I have been editing in Conservapedia, the family-friendly conservative alternative to Wikipedia. No porn. No swearing. No in-fighting. Liberals can't stand the site, and they have done all they could to disrupt, damage, and shut it down. Their antics have involved extortion, blackmail, server attacks, and major and minor vandalism.

And we all thought liberals preach tolerance. Tolerance is just a joke to them.

So, the attacks continue, but try as they might they still fail. Take this silly troll for example, someone who uses a proxy from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He's been coming into Conservapedia for a year every now and then, trying to get under my skin like a cheap tattoo, and now he's created his page just for that purpose within Blogger. He resorts to calling me a "koward" or calling me a closet homosexual. And he's got to make his threats like...well, like he's a cheap comic book villain:

"You knew this would happen sooner or later, as you'd have to confront me, your nemesis. I see little has changed since our last encounter: same rants, same stupidity, same underwear."

"Same stupidity" he accuses me of. And he comes into a public blog to make threats?

I'm still waiting for him to confront me. He knows exactly where I live, but he's too scared to even make a drive-by look, let alone stand on my front porch. But he's got to leave the occasional e-mail, the posting of his profanity on Conservapedia, or raid my blog like he did a short time ago, leaving his mental capacity wide open so we can see how devoid his mind actually is:

"By the way, I send my heartfelt condolences to you and your acolytes. Koeckritz was a valuable, if loathsome, contributor. I had hoped the old witch Phyllis would kick the bucket first, but the world isn't perfect, is it?"

"Phyllis" refers to Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative pundit who this troll clearly wishes were dead; and "Koeckritz" is someone who actually did pass away more than a month ago, as indicated by his faked condolences. The troll called my nemesis - Slowpoke Rodriguez or whatever he calls himself - would rather continue with his cheap hate that act like anything remotely resembling a man. I get the feeling he looks and acts more like the skulking Smeagol character of the Lord of the Rings films.

"Anyway, remember that you and I are in this together, until the end. We fight to kill, koward."

His final line. A threat to continue the fight he and he alone created. A threat to kill. Unfortunately, he's nothing more than a silly little girly-man craving attention. A wanna-be bully who is nothing more than what he called me: a coward. And since he decided to be stupid as well, his little threats have been reported to whomever runs Blogger.

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